Remarkable Women in Business Mastermind

Remarkable Women in Business Mastermind is all about being a part of a WOMEN'S ONLY community who share the same values, want to level up in business and are ready to support one another as we get shit done. This mastermind is by remarkable women, for remarkable women, to do remarkable things...





The definition of remarkable is: “worthy of being noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.”

That describes you to the letter.

You are a remarkable woman.
You are doing remarkable things in your business.
It’s time for a remarkable mastermind group for women.

THIS is the remarkable community you’ve been looking for.

No boys club.
No peacocking.
No strutting.
No one-upping each other.

We’ve been in those groups and we’re tired of them.

This isn’t about constantly showing off or competing with one another…it’s about implementation, getting shit done, holding each other accountable and moving forward in our businesses in a remarkable way.

The Remarkable Women in Business Mastermind is all about being a part of a WOMEN’S ONLY community who share the same values, want to level up in business and are ready to support one another.

This mastermind isn’t about smoking cigars and drinking scotch—this group is a very unique blend of a mastermind, combined with coaching, accountability and implementation, along with a tight-knit community of like minded women.

In short, this mastermind is by remarkable women, for remarkable women, to do remarkable things...

Are you ready for something remarkable?

We invite you to read below for details and then take the next step and apply for membership today for this one-of-a-kind WOMEN’S ONLY mastermind.

Stay remarkable,

Molly Pittmann and Jeanna Pool

Founders, Remarkable Women in Business Mastermind



Quarterly LIVE Meetings

Each quarter we will meet for a LIVE two-day mastermind meeting. Two meetings will be held in Austin, TX and two in Denver, CO.

Day 1: will be focused on where you are in your business, what you want to accomplish for the upcoming quarter, business planning and strategy.

Day 2: is our "get shit done" day, where you'll get the support, help and resources in place to meet your goals for the quarter. By the end of our two-days together, you'll have a complete plan of action to implement in your business immediately.

2018-2019 Meeting Dates and Locations

Denver, CO: Monday, August 6th and Tuesday, August 7th
Austin, TX: Monday, November 5th and Tuesday, November 6th
Austin, TX: March 2019 dates TBD
Denver, CO: June 2019 dates TBD

Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group is where you can get ANY and ALL of your questions answered, almost immediately, by Molly, Jeanna and fellow RWB Mastermind Members.

This community will ensure you're moving forward in your business, getting the accountability you want and need and keeping you supported in-between our live meetings. If we were to charge $10,000 just for access to this online group, we would be undercharging for its value.

Group Coaching Calls

Each and every month (except for the months we have our LIVE 2-Day meeting) we will all meet virtually on a conference call as a group. During this call, you'll get ALL of your questions answered and get help and personal coaching from Molly and Jeanna, plus you'll feedback and help from other RWB Mastermind Members. This means you’ll never get stuck and you’ll stay on track and keep moving forward!

Marketing Campaign Reviews

Are your Facebook ads converting like the should? Are you paying too much for clicks and leads? Is your marketing plan and funnel not working like you want? Molly and Jeanna are online marketing experts.

One of the many benefits of being a member of the RWB Mastermind is, Molly and Jeanna will personally review your marketing strategy and campaigns to see if they can fix things to get your conversions and ROI much higher.

Online marketing reviews are included as a Member of the RWB Mastermind and would easily cost you several thousands of dollars if we charged separately for this service.

Accountability and Support

Being a part of RWB Mastermind means, we'll hold your feet to the fire — in a good way. No more feeling alone or misunderstood.

We know that being a business owner can be a lonely experience, and being a woman business owner can be even lonelier. Balancing family with work, friends and other commitments can sometimes be a challenge and wouldn't it be great to have a group that gets you, gets where you're coming from and gets where you want your business to go?

We get it. We've been there and that's what we created RWB Mastermind. Being a member means very unique accountability and support, available no where else.


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The Remarkable Women in Business Mastermind is $1,250 per month for 12-months, and requires a 12-month commitment. Are you okay with this investment?

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If you're ready for something new...if you're ready for a WOMEN'S ONLY community who share the same values...if you're ready to level up in business and are ready to support one another rather than compete with one another...then the Remarkable Women in Business Mastermind is for you.

RWB Mastermind is strictly limited to just 15 businesses ONLY. Because of the the small number accepted into the group, spots will fill very fast. We encourage you to apply for membership today, before all 15 spots are taken. Click the button below to get started...


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